May 11, 2009

Perazhagan Movie

Surya’s 14th movie was Perazhagan and it was released on May 6th, 2004. The film was directed by Sasi Shanker and the film stars Surya, Jyothika, Vivek, Manorama, and Manobala. The film’s score and soundtrack was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The movie was a remake of malayalam movie, Kunchikoonan and Surya acted as handicap in the movie. Both Surya and Jyothika did a dual role in the movie and they both won best actor, actress award at the South India Filmfare Awards ceremony.

Perazhagan Movie Story:

The movie was actually translated from malayalam movie, Kunchikoonan. The story revolves around Chinna(Surya), a village youth who is sympathized for his looks but is lauded for selfless service to others. He covers up his handicap with humor. Unmindful of his looks, Chinna goes around looking for a suitable bride with the help of his friend (Vivek). Brushing aside many an insult hurled at him, he carries on.

In contrast to him is Karthik (Surya again), a rough college student who loves his classmate (Jyothika). She comes across Chinna, who assures her that he would get her married to the man of her heart but she gets killed in a fracas involving a gangster. Meanwhile, the hunchback Surya comes across an orphaned poor blind girl (played by Jyothika again). He wins over heart by helping her out.

Thanks to his efforts, she gains her vision (the eyes of deceased Jyothika are transplanted on her). This results in a tussle between both Suryas as to whom Jyothika belongs to now. However, fearing his looks, the hunchback Surya decides to leave way for the other. But fate has different things for him.

Perazhagan Movie Cast and Crew:

Directed by: Sasi Shanker
Produced by: AVM Productions
Cast: Surya, Jyothika, Vivek, Manorama, Thalaivasal Vijay, Manobala
Music by: Yuvan Shankar Raja

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