Singam 2 Telugu Version Yamudu 2 Collects 3.75 Crores!


Singam 2 Telugu Version Yamudu 2 Collects 3.75 Crores!

Surya’s Singam 2 has made a total collection of Rs.9.25 crores on its opening day from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Now the big news is that Telugu version Yamudu 2 has collected Rs 3.75 crores from the opening week end.

This is the best ever opening for a Surya film in Andhra Pradesh and the movie is still going strong there. This proves the strong fan base that Surya has in Andhra.

Singam 2 has also collected nearly 2.7 crores in Chennai alone from its opening week end. The box office collections of Singam 2 has proved once again that Surya has a mass opening and he is a mass hero.

Directed by Hari Singam 2 features Surya, Anushka, Hansika, Vivek, Santhanam, Radha Ravi, Nassar, Vijayakumar and Danny Sapani. Surya’s Singam 2 was released on friday in over 2400 screens worldwide in both Tamil and Telugu. Singam 2 is sequel to the 2010 blockbuster Singam.

  • Aaryan Gowda

    surya is more popular than telugu acters in A.P…..i knew….as i am staying in hyderabad only………..

  • Vanessa

    Hi cast and crew of singam 2, I enjoyed the movie but felt that there was too much of action and fight sequences. Yes it is a police cop movie and surya needs to be fierce and all but that there was too much of surya the Indian police…. They should have shown more of surya with his family as a loving son and with his screen fiancée anushka as a romantic guy…. There also should have been more softer romantic numbers of anushka and surya….. Okay with that in mind, kindly request the crew and cast of future singam 3 to keep these comments and work on a better script…. We are really looking forward to singam 3 and are keen to see a better movie with the above comments in the film…. Pls note and work for singam 3 2014……